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At Valinvest, we boast a team of highly experienced and trained professionals with multidisciplinary profiles. Our expertise spans various areas, including fund management, trading, investment banking, strategic consulting, mergers and acquisitions, business administration, and business management.

We differentiate ourselves through our ability to structure innovative and cutting-edge financial products. This is complemented by our knowledge in entrepreneurship, agility, and design. Our focus is on the customer experience, maintaining an open mind, and striving to enhance the value of our products, explore new opportunities, and provide the services required by our markets.

Supported by an extensive network of contacts across different industries and markets, we excel through our collaborative approach and strong teamwork. Our unique blend of empathy, creativity, and innovation enables us to deliver distinctive solutions to our clients.



With over 40 years of experience in the world of investments, Lizardo is recognized as a visionary. Specializing in private capital management, strategic planning, and business valuation, he has been at the forefront of international business leadership since 1998 as the Founding President of the Valinvest Group. In addition to his role at Valinvest, Lizardo has served as a Managing Partner in several financial and consulting firms, overseeing assets totaling more than $1.2 billion. He has also been instrumental in structuring and managing multiple investment funds. His primary focus lies in partnering with companies to enhance their leadership and growth through financially robust business models. Lizardo's extensive background includes senior executive positions at leading banks, such as Citibank, and consultancy roles with the World Bank, among others. This wealth of experience enables him to guide companies toward success with unmatched expertise.

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Executive Director

Corporate Finance and Investment Funds

More than 35 years of experience managing companies in various financial, industrial and service sectors. He currently combines his activity as executive director at Valinvest with teaching and his participation in directories and advisory councils.

Executive director

Strategic Consulting and Investment Funds

More than 20 years in strategic, operational and technological consulting in various industry sectors and geographies. Partner and co-founder of "Celeritech International" and part of the advisory committee of several companies. She is also Forum Leader of REF, an international network of CEOs.


Business Partner

Corporate Finance and Investment Funds

More than 10 years of experience in corporate finance, private equity and investment management in various industry sectors. Specialist in business valuation and financial strategy. He is currently in charge of the areas of private equity and business valuation at Valinvest.

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Financial Specialist

Corporate finance

More than 4 years of experience in investment funds, corporate finance and strategic advice in various sectors.  He currently works as an Investment Fund Analyst at Valinvest. 

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Business Consultant

Strategic Consulting

More than 20 years of experience in strategic and financial planning, continuous improvement and business management systems. He currently works as Consulting Manager at Valinvest.

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Business Consultant

Strategic Consulting

More than 25 years in project management, consulting and innovation. Specialist in mergers and acquisitions, evaluation of investment projects and technological impact for the optimization of value chains. 

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