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Transforming visions and promoting investments since 1998


valinvest is a renowned private investment fund manager with  experience in the Peruvian capital market. We have stood out as pioneers in the management of private equity funds and electronic factoring in the country, among others.


We specialize in boutique investment banking, focusing on investment fund management and offering strategic consulting and corporate finance services.


Our approach is characterized by a highly personalized service, adapted to the specific needs of each client. We are guided by a philosophy of professional and ethical management, promoting the sustainable growth of companies and people.

Our Pillars



We believe that honesty is the most important factor when doing business; always offering the best option.


We have a multidisciplinary team with extensive experience in the financial sector and various sectors.



We are committed to generating long-term relationships that truly benefit our clients.


We generate a personalized service for each client, taking into account the unique needs of the case.

At valinvest we are committed to promoting ethical and professional leadership in companies, guiding them towards sustainable growth and successful expansion through financial business models.e solids and scaleable.

Our mission is to detect opportunities and exceed expectations through a multidisciplinary professional team supported by extensive experience and a solid network of contacts. We focus on adding value by aligning our actions with the financial and strategic goals of those who trust us: Our clients, investors and partners.

We share a vision that goes beyond our own growth; we aspire to be an agent of positive change in our environment, contributing to the comprehensive development of our clients, investors and society as a whole.



Manuel Olguín 571, Santiago de Surco 15023


+51 991-699-662

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